Shinshin-Yojoen Course & Tour
Lots of people from other coutries enjoy our couse program

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● Shinshin Yojo Tour --------------

Enjoy this tour with a light heart. We go to see some sightseeing spots around Izu-Kogen ... see more
● Short-Term Courses ------------
These courses are to cure your physical and mental problem.
(1) Kansei-Nikan Course
Nikan is an oriental psychotherapy which is growing popular around the world...see more

Danjiki(Fasting) Diet Course
When you stop eating food, Danjiki (fasting) makes your internal organs restful... see more

(3) Danjiki(Fasting)-Nikan Course
This course is to do Nikan and Danjiki at the same time...see more
● Long-term Course --------------
This is the course to have a self-directed life depending on your own purpose... see more

Feature - Eating Disorder -
Treatment for Eating Disorder from Director of Shinshin-Yojoen
Today the number of people suffering from eating disorders has been increasing. Most of them can't tell their problem to anybody and they are struggling alone in desperation.... see more

Stories from eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia) after NAIKAN fasting treatment
"10 years compulsive overeating, I want to get over it step by step for the next couple of years!"... see more

What is the healing home "Shinshin-Yojoen"? And where is it?
Izukogen is located in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has the highest mountain "Fuji-san" and is at the center of Japan.

The weather is warm all the year around and we have a lot of great natures such as ocean, mountains and quality of hot springs.
Thousands of tourists enjoy visiting here anytime. Shinshin-Yojoen is located on one of the mountains in Izu-Kogen... see more

Shinshin-Yojoen email:
L-15, Meitetsu Bettso-chinai, 256-90, Shimo-ochiai, Akazawa-Owaza, Ito, Shizuoka,
Japan 413-0233